Investment Opportunities

1 Opportunity - Flexible Packaging Joint Venture Investment

Flexible Packaging JV - Ethiopia

Flexible Packaging JV facility - Ethiopia

Investment Area: Manufacturing/Packaging

Country: Ethiopia

Project Objective: Flexible Packaging Joint Venture Investment Opportunity, estimated at USD 5.5million

Investment model: Joint Venture

Description: One of the largest industrial conglomerates in Ethiopia (the "Project Sponsor"), seeks to enter into a joint venture/strategic partnership with an investor in the printing and packaging industry for the manufacture of flexible packaging products. The project will be located at an Industrial Park in the Oromia Region, 40 km East of Addis Ababa. The industrial park is currently in the process of expanding into an 80HA world-class facility occupied by the project sponsor's sister companies and other international companies that are currently in the process of setting up their operations there.

The JV partner will provide the financing required to purchase new machinery and the importation of raw materials. The project sponsor will provide the site, logistical support, and ready demand for the manufactured flexible packaging through an off-take agreement.

The project sponsor will further provide any technical assistance in setting up and operating the plant where required.  In addition, the project sponsor will de- risk the project by assisting the JV partner to access hard currency/foreign currency in Ethiopia.

The project sponsor will provide the JV Partner with an off-take agreement of US$6 million annually. Combined with ready demand from other customers, the total revenues of the project will likely exceed US$ 10m per annum within the first three years of full-scale operations. The total financing required for the purchase of the new machinery and raw material is c.US$5.5 million with a payback period of three years.

2 Opportunity: A school seeking strategic partnership through financing

Strategic school project - Kenya

Investment Area: Education/Primary and Secondary School

Country: Kenya

Project Objective: Funding opportunity, estimated at USD 11 million

Investment Model:  Equity, structured equity finance,  grant finance, and/or Blended finance 

Description: One of the leading private K-12 school in Kenya is seeking partnerships to consolidate the existing primary school as a leading eco and multicultural educational hub and to develop a dynamic secondary school in an incredible location to meet the growing demand for international education.

The school was founded in 2011 to meet the growing educational aspirations of the local and international community. It is located in Kilifi town on the Kenyan coast, beside a beautiful mangrove creek. The school has enjoyed steady growth since its opening. As of September 2023, it will be 90% capacity. The school is rooted in social, educational, and environmental values. Its unique blend of quality, creativity, care, and community has become highly sought after, and with an ever-growing interest in the area, the demand will only continue to grow.

The availability of 23 acres of land contiguous to the existing school’s campus presents an exciting opportunity for the school’s expansion into an inspiring full secondary school for the coast region and beyond. With the required investment, it will offer a complete educational solution and ecological diversity will be enriched

It presents a unique opportunity to facilitate and engender sustainable development and progressive education for a new generation of students.

The school expansion site is within the “Green Heart of Kenya” a 750-acre regenerative master-planned ‘eco-village’, adjacent to the primary school campus. It has now been set aside for education, available for sale or lease.

The school is owned by two experienced proprietors with over 20 years experience in school management.

3 Opportunity: Sale of 100% of a beekeeping and apiary company 

A leading honey packaging and apiculture company - Kenya

Investment Area: Agriculture/Apiculture

Country: Kenya

Project Objective: Opportunity to acquire a leading honey packaging and apiculture company

Investment Model:  100% equity acquisition, estimated at USD 1.5 million

Description: Founded in 2001, the beekeeping company represents a strong asset with long-term relationships with key suppliers, sustainable contracts, a trusted East African brand, and an existing supply chain that we believe is best suited to an existing trade player, family office, or private equity investor seeking to acquire a significant food and beverages (F&B) footprint in East Africa.

The company is working on furthering the development of the beekeeping and honey industry in East Africa.

The company has built a strong reputation for producing high-quality Kenyan honey and bee products. Its apiary facilities across the country are strategically located in a high-volume honey production area, providing a secure source of honey from long-standing relationships with local Kenyan suppliers.

It has a strong foothold in the supply chain and has secured long-term supplier relationships alongside a diversified customer base, providing resilience to industry disruptions and greater stability in recurring performance.

The company has a considerable opportunity to unlock value by focusing on exports. It manufactures langstroth beehives and all related components in its factory, which at the same time houses the office and is situated in the industrial area of Nairobi.

The proprietor, who has 30 years of experience in beekeeping, has implemented projects in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

The company owns a honey processing facility that is highly scalable.  Currently, the facility has the capacity to manufacture 1,000  beehives per month and has a processing capacity of 10 tons of honey per annum. Additional volumes in the next two years are expected at c.80 tonnes per year. In addition, it has an estimated production of c.36,000 hives per annum. 

The company is keen on conservation areas that align with the global conservation theme and environmental and social governance(ESG) lens. It has partnered with different conservation entities. The company is a strategic sector addressing food security and climate change.

The proprietor who owns 100% of the business is putting it for sale. The transaction will include selling 100% of operations, including existing contracts, business assets, IPs, and proprietary work processes. The owner is willing to remain in a management oversight role for a period to ensure business operations continuity.